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SK8-BRD-BUS is a skateboard company that is built around individual freedom and passion for skateboards and skateboarding. Based in Los Angeles, CA, the mecca for street skating and home to more than sixty public skate parks. The SK8-BRD-BUS is a one of a kind mobile skate shop that carries pro quality skateboard decks, trucks, wheels, bearings and skate paraphernalia. SK8-BRD-BUS is open and available for FREE 2Hr. public bookings as well as private bookings for birthday parties, private shopping as well as private shuttle service to and from your favorite Los Angeles County Public or Private Skate Park(s).  


​SK8-BRD-BUS is individual freedom and self expression without external influence. It's a place where FREEDOM lives! 


As skaters and true rebels, we learned to never give up. When we fall, we relish in the pain, learn from our mistakes, dust ourselves off and we get back to pushing for our goals while smiling and making others smile along our journey. Our goal is to motivate everyone we come in contact with and prove that anyone can do anything they want to do in life as long as we don’t give up and always carve our own path!

Live Free, Skate Hard!

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