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In the spirit of Animal Chin and the Bones Brigade

Every day is a good day, but today was special because we finally purchased our bus. The SK8-BRD-BUS is finally coming home this Sunday. We are excited to start the transformation from a modern 24 passenger airport shuttle van that runs on CNG (clean natural gas) into a Los Angeles based mobile skate shop. This fuel is not only easier on the ozone, it also doesn't stink. Double bonus since the store is inside of the van. Customers and lookie lou's will enter through the automatic double doors to a clean, air conditioned, fully stocked skate shop sans apparel and footwear. Customers and lookie lue's will be treated to free cold water (while supplies last) every day we post up at your favorite Los Angeles skate park/spot or other public location as posted on Check out our public appearance section. Our target launch date is Oct. 1st. 2021 but don't get mad if we aren't ready. This sh*t ain't easy but its really fun when your finally on your way to finding Animal Chin and making a ton of new friends along the way.

The bus purchased

Today is my grandmothers birthday. Happy Birthday Abuela!

My muse for todays blog. I absolutely love this flick and of course the Bones Brigade and everything Powell Peralta. Check out more Bones Brigade at and Powell Peralta products at

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