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Skateboard Life Truth

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

No one ever said skateboard life was easy. I wont be the one to brake this custom, in fact, I will double down on how hard this life can be. Forget about, twisted ankles, black and blued toe's, puffy elbows, the splits, scraped knees or even the occasional nut crunch if your into skating rails... I am talking about a much deeper issue that really stems with a culture of non-acceptance and more than that being an Outkast! That happens to be my favorite rap group. Cmon Big-Boi and Andre 3K. Get it together, remember Aquemini? We need another Spotty Ottey Dope-alicious album once again! I digress... The truth is, skating is hard.. edit, really hard! Whenever you see a dude or dudet on a board shredding down the street or sidewalk, please understand and take notice that this person has spent hours, days, months, years and possibly decades to present this form of artistic expression for all to see. Forget about tricks, this is a whole other ball of wax. When you see someone fly out of a bowl, grind a hubba, or ollie a huge gap, understand that this likely required months or years to achieve, not to mention the pain and anguish their body went through daily to perfect this dance on four wheels. Skaters are the most dedicated people on the planet. Visionaries with no quit in their system or approach to any battles they have chosen to fight. A philosophy and essentially way of life that encourages triumph over defeat. Skating is not only a person on a wooden toy playing, its a way of life. Skating teaches you that if you want to achieve something, all you have to do is work at it, and give it your all until you achieve your goal. No matter how big or small the feat, have a positive attitude and never give up, you will attain it! To some it may just be an ollie, to another it may be a 7 stair, while to someone else a 12 stair in Hollywood. Then, there are those trying to figure out how they will skate Randys donut hole, or caveman off the roof top of El Capitan theatre!

I cant help but think we are all Totally NUTS in the best way possible!

In skating and in life, I have learned that nothing good comes easily. Although life may be a bit simpler if you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth, or natural ability you will eventually find that happiness isn't derived from $ilver, or spoons, or even the most incredible, innate talent. Happiness comes from dreaming big, chasing your dreams, and making the change(s) you want to see in your lifetime. It's up to you...

Now go skate, dream big, and land where you want be!

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