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Duo Linx Premium Hardware

Duo Linx Premium Hardware

A full set of hardware shipped in sets of (8) black screws, (1) and silver screw, (4) Duo Linx fasteners. (1) Allen wrench included.
Available in 7/8” & 1"
Less Tools - No Tools needed Truck Side! Easy Peasy!
Less Time - Quickest board set-up and breakdown! NO HASSLE!
Less Stress - Balanced vibration distribution means less stree on the baseplate, less stress on the deck! STRONG!
Light Weight - The weight difference between DuoLinx and traditional hardware is just 2 quarters! LIKE A FEATHER!

Reduced wear on base plate holes. Higher grade nylon in Duo Link fastener absorbs vibration.

Vibration rechanelled through bar.  
Less stress cracks.
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