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Tracker Axis Blackout trucks

Tracker Axis Blackout trucks


The Tracker Axis Blackout trucks feature 356 T6 aircraft grade aluminum, 4140 Chromoly steel axles and grade 8 hollow kingpins. Every part of these trucks was proudly hand built / inspected in the U.S.A and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

All Axis models come with Tracker 88a Medium Bushings with excellent rebound and durability.



Keeping the classic look, Tracker steepened the pivot angle, creating a quicker turning radius, dropped the hanger height and reworked the yoke for better kingpin clearance on grinds. The Axis is perfect for most applications: street, vert, pool, park or cruiser. These Blackout Tracker Axis trucks will not disappoint!

Tracker Trucks is a legendary brand that set the bar for how a skateboard truck should turn, grind and feel when skateboarding was in its early stages. They provided a quality turning truck without compromising reliability or weight.

Tracker history goes way back to 1975, with Larry Balma, Dave Dominy, and Gary Dodds as visionaries. The trucks they designed was the first truck built simply for skateboarding and nothing else. Tracker Trucks came in assorted sizes, and were always releasing new sizes to fit the ever changing norm in skateboarding.

Tracker was the best selling truck from 1975-1990, as the trucks you can trust. To top it off, in the 1980’s tracker released the legendary Tracker Magnesiums, the lightest truck ever made up until that point.

Tracker had and has an amazing team, in the 80’s riders such as Tony Hawk, Bucky Lasek, Greg Weaver, Rob Dyrdek, Ron Chatman, Stacy Peralta, Mike Vallely and Longtime riders, Bill Danforth, Lester Kasai, Allen Losi and Dan Wilkes.


  • 356 T6 aircraft grade aluminum
  • 4140 Chromoly steel axles
  • Hollow kingpins
  • Quality 88a Urethane bushings
  • 149mm hanger, 8.5″ axle
  • Hand built / inspected in the U.S.A
  • Quicker turning, lifetime guarantee


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