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Akeem Haynes


Akeem Haynes, also known as Pro Gamer "Keem_SODMG" uses his gaming

skills, skateboarding tricks and acting ability to create

authentic engagement with his following and fans. Most

recently he just shot a commercial with Starbucks and was

invited to compete in the upcoming Honda Halo Cup


He has worked with a variety of industries projects

stemming from marketing campaigns with Footaction,

Melin Brand Hats, Herbalife24, HBO Ballers, Netflix's Glow,

Starbucks, Sprayground Backpacks, Shell Corp, and NBC's

Will & Grace. He was featured on a nation wide Mountain

Dew commercial for The Walking Dead.

Akeem has established himself as a professional gamer

and competed in several professional skateboarding

competitions.He has won a variety of online HALO

competitions, has been featured in a variety of esports

publications and new articles for competing in gaming

tournaments such as one with Fox Sports Radio Charlotte.

His unique skillset is why he has established consistent

engagement and following in the skateboarding


He finished 2nd at the GFL Series in Huntington Beach for

skateboarding back in 2017. He has been featured in the

Los Angeles Sentinel and shared by celebrities such as

LL Cool J, Kahlil and Soulja Boy.

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